We need your action. Join our Environmental conservation Initiative here.

Are youuuu readyyyy??

World Environment Day is coming soon on this 5th June and we are here with our much awaited event Environmental Conservation Initiative. 

It's time to do our bit for our mother earth and nature.

Anyone who loves nature or has concerns for environment can create short awareness videos on motivating & inspiring masses for this initiative and send to us


You can also take a pledge to follow any one or all of the below listed initiatives and create a short video inspiring everyone to bring the change. 

I Pledge to support this initiative of naturebricks.com by -

1. Avoiding wastage of food, water and electricity as much as possible. 

2. Using more ecofriendly and sustainable solutions where applicable. 

3. Segregation of dry waste and wet waste at source for effective waste management. 

4. Planting more than 3 trees in a year. 

You can send your inspiring video message to us which we will broadcast worldwide through our networks on -


Our actions today will decide our tomorrow


Team naturebricks.com

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