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Eco friendly Personal Hygiene Kit 1

Eco friendly Personal Hygiene Kit  1
Eco friendly Personal Hygiene Kit 1
Rs. 400.00
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Everyone wishes to go eco-friendly. But in this fast-paced life, unfortunately, people don't have time to make good choices for the Environment.
We are proud to announce for personal hygiene Kit which covers hygiene for the mouth and ears.

The Kit Contains:
4 Bamboo brushes.
1 Bamboo Cotton Buds Pack. It contains 80 pieces of buds.
1 Bamboo Tounge Cleaner.

Bamboo brush.

Is BPA Free?
No plastic.
The best gift for friends and family.
The outer packaging is also BPA Free.
Only have Natural Bamboo ToothBrush Charcoal bristles.
6 months of life.
Only use Natural Bamboo Wood.
Fungus Free.
We use Dual layer bristles: inner layer PBT for strength so anybody can use it for 6 months.
Upper layer Natural Bamboo charcoal or Natural Bamboo fiber infused just to put the product in food-grade quality.
PBT is an engineering plastic and it uses in many engineering applications due to its characteristics of degradation.
It decomposes in the soil just in a 90-120 days period.
And it's not harmful as Nylon & other plastic bristles.
Basically, Dentists recommend Non-Nylon bristles or Natural bristles to avoid ulcers problem at an early age.
Note: Brush once sold cannot be returned/exchanged (As it is a personal care product)