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19 Oct Electronic Waste of 2021 = Great Wall of China
Chirag Jain 0 2416
The "mountain" of waste electronic and electrical equipment discarded in 2021 will weigh more than 57 million tonnes, researchers have estimated.As pe..
25 May Environmental Conservative Initiative
Chirag Jain 1 2260
We need your action. Join our Environmental conservation Initiative here.Are youuuu readyyyy??World Environment Day is coming soon on this 5th June an..
07 Nov 3 Reasons to switch to eco-friendly paper bags
Chirag Jain 0 2710
Carry bags have been an integral part of our lifestyles for more than centuries now. Traditionally cloth and jute bags were used to pack goods and pro..
05 Jun 3 Best Tips To Save Our Environment
Chirag Jain 0 3058
Environment is the best thing we all have in common! Greetings of World Environment Day to all!!This day marks a special note in the history of world ..
24 Mar How to make natural hand sanitizer at home?
Chirag Jain 0 1973
Since several last months, we have been talking about coronavirus on how it can be treated, it's symptoms and precautions we need to take care off!One..
14 Mar How to make the most effective alcohol based hand sanitizer at home
Chirag Jain 0 3713
Coronaviruses like COVID-19 is just a virus-like other virus we had discovered. Being Hygienic is what we should always follow irrespective of any suc..
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