Carry bags have been an integral part of our lifestyles for more than centuries now. Traditionally cloth and jute bags were used to pack goods and products in bulk quantities and shopkeepers then used paper bags to distribute smaller quantity goods to end customers. In fact, paper bags are still used by small food retailers like – sweetshop owners, street food vendors, and by small vegetable sellers.  

Also, several individuals prefer paper carry bags because they are easy to carry and can hold items for a good duration of time.  

Paper bag Manufactured from Eco-Friendly Sources

Today, paper bags are not made from the tree, rather they use eco-friendly solutions like recycled newspapers, coconut husks and sugarcane waste. This is very helpful in environmental conservation. You can also check a variety of such stuff at

Environmental Benefits of Paper Bags

1. Biodegradable

First and foremost, paper bag waste is not going to linger on the surface of the earth for the next 1000 years, unlike plastic bags. In fact, most paper bag waste takes less than 6 months time to degrade and, in most cases, they end up turning fertile waste for vegetation.

2. Recyclable

Paper bags are commonly 100% recyclable and are made of existing used papers. Unlike plastic that emits extremely toxic and poisonous gases in the environment during the recycling process, the paper in the recycling process involves no such hazard and risk.This is the main reason why we should promote the use of the same.

3. Cost effective

A big financial convenience of using paper bags is that they are cost effective and also sustainable to an extent and we can utilize it for our branding too at a low cost.

In conclusion, it can be believed that there is a strong point that one needs to adopt more eco-friendly alternatives to save mother nature. Thus, it is high time that one switch over towards the use of eco-friendly paper bags.

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