Environment is the best thing we all have in common!
Greetings of World Environment Day to all!!

This day marks a special note in the history of world environment protection initiatives and the only reason being is to create awareness which drives our actions. We are very happy to see that many organisations, educational institutes and small scale industries too have started the conversation about environmental awareness and have successfully transformed it with their actions and initiatives helping the environment and preserving our resources.

And on this occasion, we are happy to share with you all something unique about us - Naturebricks. Our name summarizes our mission and philosophy – We strive to attract people’s attention to the environment and aim to transform change by beginning now, all this in an eco-friendly way!  

The objective of naturebricks.com is to provide you with sustainable, natural and eco-friendly solutions for your daily needs and thereby promoting environmental awareness in society. Well, that was our part, but what about you? Yes, you read it right! What you do, makes a difference! Just analyse your lifestyle and see how much impact just one person has on the world’s resources. You are the change which you want to see for a promising future.

3 best tips to protect our environment

Try to adopt and switch to alternative options always if possible by adopting below options.

1. Use Reusable/Sustainable products:

Reusable and sustainable products simply mean eliminating single-use plastic products and switching to products which can be reused and have minimum impact on the environment. Such products can be used multiple times until the quality standards are met.
Try to use minimum plastic products as it takes an average of more than 400 years to decompose. Even if there is an essential need, look if it is satisfies permitted microns specifications for safe use.

Check stationery products made using recycled paper

Check sustainable water bottles

Switch for green options like reusable cloth bags which is eco-friendly and also pocket friendly. Using reusable bags helps the environment and your budget!

2. Recycle and upcycle:

Using recycled products is no more a choice going forward, it's a mandate.

Recycled products are made from existing products which we are already consuming for our daily usages like paper and metal products.
From such products, we can recycle a variety of other items like recycled paper carry bags, recycled paper pens and pencils, metal containers and holders.

Also, we have a superb concept of upcycling i.e reusing discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality by modifying products. An excellent example is upcycling glass and plastic bottles as a sapling container and as a pen holder.

Such ideas help in making optimum use of existing products and minimize pollution which is caused in the development of such new requirements.

3.Using more public transportation services

Taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bike/bicycle to travel wherever possible are better options that help the environment and your budget, as well as getting some exercise in!

Carpooling and public transport helps to reduce the cost of gas and energy sources. This is cheaper than everyone driving separately and you’ll be closer with friends and relatives!

These practices are helping the environment by reducing the pollution level and saving non-renewable energy sources.

Saving the environment and money? Win-win.

These are some small but effective practices we should follow rather than only speaking about environmental concerns because our actions and initiatives are what transforms our society and that will bring the change.

This world environment day, pledge with us and start inspiring with your actions by joining our eco-friendly journey to build a better community, better world and a better place to live.

May each day be an environment day !!!