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Seed Plantable Pencil With Golden Gap : Flower Seeds

Seed Plantable Pencil With Golden Gap : Flower Seeds
Seed Plantable Pencil With Golden Gap : Flower Seeds
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The Pencil that grows.
Stop using wood and switch to a greener option.
Uses Hybrid Seeds.
Five different flower seeds are available.

  • GREEN GIFTING PRODUCT: For anyone who wants to create a positive impact on the planet. Practical exposure to learn about seeds, germination, upcycling. Highly recommended in school and social activities/functions.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Designed and made in India to reduce waste, promote recycling and encourage planting activities.


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Steps To Plant A Tree with Seed Pencil:

1) Take a pencil, write and sharpen and use it.

2) When it is too short to use, gently push it in a pot with soil

3) Keep the pot in the sun and water it regularly.

VOILA!! within 7 - 10 days you will have sprouts coming out.